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Faculty and Support:

At the outset, it is made clear that this centre is not a conventional or a traditional class room mode of coaching. Therefore, it does not have to depend heavily on the academicians and regular teachers for imparting the required knowledge and skill. In this backdrop, our Core and support faculty consists of professionals who have been good in their respective disciplines and are capable of delivery. The Centre has the following in house faculty team. As is customary, the Centre would invite guest speakers to share their expertise in their domains.



Topics of training

Dr. N L Mitra


G.Mahadevan,Director(Training) Taxation, Corporate structure and Finance, Finance & Accounts.
H.Ranganath Direct taxes
T.Sathya Prasad Secretarial Law and Compliance
Debanjan Banerjee Corporate Knowledge Management and Commercial contract
Shyamal Mukherjee Litigation
Santosh Vikram Singh Intellectual Property transactions
Jeevanandam Rajagopal Intellectual Property transaction and Commercial contracts
Madhri Guruswamy Indirect Taxes
G.V Balasubramanya Real Estate transactions
Jayaprakash Real Estate transactions
Sandhya Subbaiah Human Resource
Ekta Agarwal Corporate knowledge Management
Vidya Pawar Secretarial  Law and compliance
Lakshmi Rajagopal Intellectual Property transactions

The above in house team is highly resourceful in their respective operational domains and will take the  young law graduates up the professional ladder, under the guidance of Dr N L Mitra who himself held many high  positions in the field of education.