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Realizing the urgency for a training centre, Fox Mandal Foundation created the CPLE as a sort of finishing school in the field of legal education. One of the trustees of the trust, Dr N L .Mitra who heads several chairs in various universities and was also Vice Chancellor of the National Law University, Jodhpur is a driving force in this behalf. His strong desire for a training centre with a broad based curriculam in the field of legal education has culminated in setting up the CPLE. His flair in the field of education has also resulted in the publishing over eleven books and more than 200 research papers in national and international journals and law reports.

With the rich experience behind him, Dr N L Mitra has felt the need for the fresh law graduates to develop their professional skills and accordingly designed the course to cover the entire gamut of the operational challenges in the area of legal system. The need for such enhanced skill is so critical in the light of the ever changing dynamics of the legal system and the requirement of their compliance.

The course design at the moment is also intended to facilitate the fresh law graduates to take the bar test which has become mandatory.

CPLE has a library with a large number books, journals and business magazines on corporate law, taxation, Foreign Exchange Management, Human resource, Arbitration and settlement of commercial disputes, Intellectual property matters etc. The book base of the library is broad and offers a wide range of reference to the trainees. .

Apart from the library, the infrastructural facilities which CPLE has are adequate and do provide necessary climate for a good learning. The course also offers interactive discussion with the trainees which give them hands on experience in handling the issues.