Sl.No Scheduled class Date of the scheduled class Day of the week Faculty
1 Corporate structure

Structural Documentation - 1

9th August, 2012 Thursday Prof. NL Mitra

Mr. Prahalad Rao

2 Corporate finance: Introduction 10th August, 2012 Friday Prof. NL Mitra
13th August to 17th August, 2012
3 Corporate Structural documents 13th August, 2012 Monday Mr. Prahalad Rao
4 Difference between Accounts and Finance; accounting records in a Company 14th August, 2012 Tuesday Mr. G. Mahadevan
5 Corporate Finance -2

Corporate Finance Documentation on Prospectus and Statement in lieu of Prospectus

16th August, 2012 Thursday Prof. NL Mitra

Mr. Prahalad Rao

6 Human Resources: Employment laws

Managerial Remuneration : Documents and Legal provisions

17th August, 2012 Friday Ms. Bhumika Reddy

Mr. Prahalad Rao

20th August to 24th August, 2012
7 Corporate Investment documentation on Equity and debt instruments 20th August, 2012 Monday Mr. Prahalad Rao
8 Secretarial Practice required for corporate Investment 21st August, 2012 Tuesday Mr. Sathya Prasad
9 Basic accounting practices 22nd August, 2012 Wednesday Mr. G. Mahadevan
10 Investment Documents: a case study 23rd August, 2012 Thursday Mr. Shreekanth Katti
11 Secretarial Practices 24th August, 2012 Friday Mr. Sathya Prasad
27th August to 31st August, 2012
12 Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Documentation

27th August, 2012 Monday Prof. NL Mitra

Mr. Prahalad Rao

13 Human Resources: Welfare Laws & DDR 28th August, 2012 Tuesday Ms. Bhumika Reddy
Laws & DDR
14 Corporate Finance : documentation 29th August, 2012 Wednesday Prof. NL Mitra
15 Transparency Rules & Audit practice

Corporate Documentation

30th August, 2012 Thursday Mr. G.Mahadevan

Mr. Prahalad Rao

16 DDR on Land Transactions 31st August, 2012 Friday Mr. Rahul Phukan