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Welcome to The Centre for Professional Legal Education. (CPLE)

CPLE is a Professional Law Academy established in the city of Bangalore by Fox Mandal Foundation, a registered trust which has the primary objective of establishing, organizing, running and conducting a professional law academy for fresh law graduates and advanced specialized courses for legal and other professionals as well as institutional courses.

CPLE provides continuous professional learning as also training in all the facets of legal profession in an attempt to enhance professional talent of the fresh law graduates. The objective of this learning is to provide knowledge and skills in the subject defined in the course contents and interpretations and discussions in a manner useful for the law graduates.

CPLE believes that the post learning and training period would provide a greater degree of confidence and comfort to the fresh law graduates in handling the professional challenges.

The professional training is an intensive program for a period of six months for fresh graduates. Extensive practical training on document drafting and conveyancing will be done during the course period on globally accepted templates.

CPLE encourages law firms to put in their fresh recruits and sponsor trainees for the training program.

CPLE has thus far undertaken the task of training the law graduates in batches for over three years and provided them an abundant knowledge and skill in their relative areas of specialization after identifying the relative areas of specialization. Almost about 100 law graduates have so far been graduated out of this learning and have got placed in good positions.